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Frequently Asked Questions


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Who are Singersoutdoors.co.uk?

Singersoutdoors.co.uk have been retailers in Lancashire for over 50 years. We have been trading on the internet for over 5 years. We aim to offer personal service, and low prices on all the well known brands. We hope you like our new web site and look for to supplying you with all your camping and outdoor needs. We are available during office hours to advise you on 01772 902120.

How do I use the site?

Using the site is easy. You can browse our online catalogue, which is split into various headings and sub-headings, or you can search for the goods that you are interested using our search engine. When you find the item that you are looking for add it to your basket. You can either carry on shopping or go to the checkout. After entering your details you will take to the HSBC secure site where your credit card details will be taken. Rest assured that these will be kept confidential and are not passed onto us.

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What sort of products do you sell?

We sell everything that you might need for the Great Outdoors, camping, walking, hiking and lots of workwear.If you cannot find that item that you are looking for then please contact us and we will be glad to advise you. If we don't stock it, we will be happy to try to obtain it for you, or advise you where or how you might procure it. We are also happy to give discount to large orders or to groups for bulk orders.

How do I pay?

Paying for your goods is simple. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Simply proceed to the checkout, fill in your details, and you will be passed to the HSBC secure payment site to enter your credit/debit card. And remember, your credit card details are not passed onto us and are completely secure. Alternatively, you can always ring us on 01772 902120 and we will be happy to process your order on the telephone.

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How do I change what I have in my shopping basket?

You can change the items by adding to them, altering the quantity or removing them from your basket right up to the checkout.

Is VAT included?

VAT is included for all goods (except those that are zero rated) and is chargeable within the U.K and E.U. (Common Market to those of you like me that are of a certain age). All destinations outside the U.K and E.U. and to the Channel Islands are VAT free and this will show on your invoice when you go through to the checkout. So remember, if you are shopping from those areas this is equivalent to slightly less than a 15% discount on the cost of the goods.

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How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is £5.00 for orders up to £50.00 - for orders over £50.00 it is free to most parts of the U.K. mainland. (See Terms and Conditions.) This applies no matter the weight or the number of cartons. If you live in one of the postcodes that are excluded, such as the Highlands of Scotland or Northern Ireland, we will endeavour to select the most cost effective way of delivering the goods to you, and agree in advance the cost of delivery. The cost of all deliveries outside the U.K will also be agreed prior to delivery.

What is the progress of my order?

We will keep you informed of any delays or problems with regard to your order by e-mail. When you order is despatched you will be notified by e-mail telling you the method of despatch and the consignment number.

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How do I get in touch?

You can ring us during office hours on 01772 902120 or you can contact us by email at sales@rucksack-warehouse.co.uk.

FAQ - Sealskinz

How are they waterproof?

Using a 100% waterproof membrane which is laminated in between an inner and outer sock. The socks use the porelle membrane which is used in technical waterproof clothing and waterproof gloves

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Are they breathable?

The membrane is breathable, it will 'wick' your perspiration away from your skin, reducing the 'clammy' feeling.

Will they keep my feet warm?

The main battle when outdoors is keeping dry, if you are dry then you will be warmer the socks are made using three layers and will offer some thermal performance and the use of terry towelling, in the inner sock, helps to improve insulation the waterproof film is totally windproof- (check with AL)

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How does the waterproof membrane work?

The membrane is a hydrophilic, polyurethane membrane specially developed by Porvair. It is non-porous (solid layer) and therefore does not allow water droplets to penetrate. This means it is totally waterproof : in waterproof tests the membrane exceeds 300cms hydrostatic head - 3 times greater than the level required to meet European Standards for waterproof clothing.

How do they 'breathe'?

The breathability of the socks is achieved by a system of absorption and transfer, whereby water vapour molecules from perspiration pass through the film. The temperature difference between the inside and outside surfaces of the film is the driving force for the flow of vapour. As the foot gets hotter, the more efficient the film becomes at expelling moisture.

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Is the waterproof membrane windproof?

the membrane is a solid film and therefore has windproof properties

What length are they?

The socks are designed to fit under the calf muscle (light, standard and as) or over the calf muscle (extreme and otc)

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If I'm between sizes what size should I buy?

For the standard and extreme socks it is best to size up i.e size 8 and allow a little room in around the toes

Will they stop my feet blistering?

The socks will not prevent blistering but will help reduce the chance of blistering. They stop your feet from getting wet and therefore soft and also 'wick' perspiration away from the foot. Wet feet = soft skin which increases the chance of blistering

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Will they stop my feet sweating?

nothing can stop you from sweating but the socks will help to 'wick' away the perspiration from your skin leaving your feet dry and comfortable

How do I wash them?

The socks and gloves are machine washable at 40 or can be washed by hand in cool water. They are NOT SUITABLE FOR WASHING AT OVER 40 degrees c

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How do I dry them?

Dry them in an airing cupboard, not on a direct heat source.

How long will they take to dry?

If turned half way, they should dry overnight in a warm room or airing cupboard. The standard and extreme may take longer due to the terry towelling construction and slightly heavier weight.

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Are they very delicate? How are they damaged?

As the socks use membrane technology you should care for them as you would a waterproof jacket outer footwear should be worn at all times as stones and sharp objects could puncture the membrane making them no longer waterproof

Do they ever let the water in?

Yes! as there is a hole in the top! By wearing appropriate clothing to help the socks do their job they will keep your feet warm and dry. i.e. waterproof trousers worn over the socks, and not tucked in. If the socks are submerged in water then it is very possible that water will enter from the top.

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How long will they last?

If cared for in the appropriate way they should last a couple of winters. Durability obviously depends on how often you wear them. If you wear them every day then they will not last as long as if you wear them monthly

When should I wear liner socks/ gloves?

The liner socks and gloves are designed to be worn when you need extra thermal performance The liner sock is designed to be worn under the lightweight and as/otc socks and will help improve the padding/ comfort. The liner glove is designed to be worn under the waterproof glove and will help improve thermal performance if required

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What do I do if I think there is a problem with the socks?

Simply post them to us at the address on our site and we will test them and reply within 7 - 10 days

FAQ - Outwell

Can you tell me more about Outwell tents?

Premium Collection 2010 is a series of spacious family tents, created to make camping a truly pleasurable experience. Designed with refined features that focus on convenience and practicality, each tent in the series bears the hallmark of Outwell innovation, quality and style. Outwell Premium Collection 2010 includes the NEW Florida 5, the improved Montana 6. Designed to enlarge the sheltered areas at the front or the side of the tents, extensions in the 2010 collection are also an attractive visual complement to any model.

Features Premium Collection
Continuing our philosophy of designing and supplying the best family camping tents on the market today we continue to apply all the standards and knowledge we have gained over the last decades in our Premium Collection. The tents in the Premium Collection can be recognised by the original Outwell colour panel design feature as well as using our unique Outtex® 5000 fabric throughout and they all come in the Outwell Trolley bag for convenience and easy transportation.

Steel poles
The Outwell Power Stability System (OPS System) makes perfect use of 19 mm diameter Heavy Duty steel poles to provide the ultimate in stability in modern tents. These carefully designed poles are used to create the best internal space inside practical family tents allowing the maximum use of the entire tent. Our poles are manufactured from steel tube which is galvanised to resist rust.

Durawrap poles
Strong flexible fibreglass poles that have fibres running in 3 different directions to provide a stronger and more flexible pole than the standard. These poles provide great stability with a smaller pack size than steel and are in this collection used for the Outwell Space Frame System.

Outwell Trolley Carrier bag
- one of our unique features within the premium collection. The trolley carrier bag enables easy transport to and from campsites.

Outtex 5000
- uses the latest advances in technology in its development and with a hydrostatic head of 5000 mm (the hydrostatic head indicates the amount of water that 1 cm² of tent fabric is able to withstand before water penetrates the surface coating) set the industry standard along with this it is fire retardant to CPAI-84 Standards ensuring that we provide the optimum performance level available for your camping needs.


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